Travel to Sendai

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****** Followings are the original plan, which became impossible by the Earthquake on 11 March 2011. *****



Travel Guide:  Please download.


Travel to Sendai:  Personal Recommendation by YK

    (1) via Nagoya              (especially from European countries)

              <Flight>    Your country      >    Nagoya airport

              <Flight>    Nagoya airport  >    Sendai airport  (frequently)

              <Train>    Sendai airport     >    Sendai station (~0.5h)

 (2) via Tokyo [by Train]

              <Flight>    Your country           >     Tokyo/Narita airport

              <Train>    Narita airport          >     Tokyo or Ueno St.     (~1.5h)

              <Train>    Tokyo or Ueno St.   >     Sendai St.                  (<2h)

                                                        (because :  Flight from Narita to Sendai is not frequent.)

(3) via Tokyo [by Flight]

              <Flight>    Your country     >   Tokyo/Narita

              <Flight>    Tokyo/Narita    >   Sendai airport    (10:30 & 16:55)

              <Train>    Sendai airport    >   Sendai station    (~0.5h)


Hotel Reservation: 'by yourself' case

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